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LEGACY is a private business school in New York, offering certificate programs. Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded with a certificate from Legacy Business School. LEGACY’s classrooms are world-class and provide intimate settings offering optimal individual attention for each student. The institute’s facilities located in New York’s Trump Tower are designed as an incubator for innovation and extraordinary achievements. Read More...


"We bridge the connection of innovation and a life filled with purpose inspiring the upcoming generation of global entrepreneurs."


At the core of our school is the belief that one’s legacy is a gift. We inspire students to leave a mark of their own making, gifting the world with their knowledge and values. We bridge the connection of innovation and a life filled with purpose inspiring the upcoming generation of global entrepreneurs. Creating a meaningful and lasting legacy is key in an individual’s growth. Through strong leadership and continuous discovery of one’s self, we believe each student comes one step closer to inspire future generations, while achieving their own aspirations.

LEGACY invites students to experience life to its fullest, proposing bold ideas and positioning them with courage.

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Courage and Passion

Courage and Passion:

We support individuals, who compel a courageous and passionate spirit: the fearless risk takers, the innovators; the driven who inspire.



We provide students with the opportunity to explore their creativity in a stimulating and vibrant environment; a setting where they can be challenged to grow as strong-willed individuals.

Creativity Art


We value and foster efficiency, productivity, and creativity. Being highly motivated and dynamic, we encourage individual initiative. We recruit entrepreneurial spirits with a gift to motivate students to pursue their ambitious goals.



Aiming to excel in everything we do, students’ expectations are exceeded by paying close attention to their needs and constantly finding new ways of perfecting our programs and services.