Program overview


Legacy Business School offers four 1 year programs: Certificates in Business and Management level 1,2,3 and 4 will prepare students for the challenging and dynamic world of multinational business. Each program level is a prerequisite for the next. The individual quarters include a broad range of foundational business subjects with an option to specialize in a large choice of elective modules in management. The business core is further strengthened by modules which interface with liberal arts and language learning. Students start with Certificate in Business and Management: Level 1. After successfully completing Level 1, they can continue to build their skills and knowledge by enrolling in Certificate in Business and Management: Level 2, then Level 3, and finally level four. Whether you have an availability of 1 year or you have 4 years available, enrolling level by level provides a best fit solution for every student.




In each level, Legacy Business School students gain step by step the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to become a successful future leaders or entrepreneurs. The course program is designed, developed as well as constantly improved by Professors with decades of business experience in executive positions, as owners of lead multiple International Companies and as Professors for numerous well known universities. 

  • Wide ranging learning experiences in diverse liberal arts areas and the subject matter of international business.

  • Internship and study abroad options.

  • Awareness and ability to be sensitive to differences in culture and language.

  • Teaching which focuses on contemporary international business issues and best practices.

  • A focus on intercultural exchange in the classroom.

  • Competition of a Final Business Plan.

Golden Background